FRACAS is an acronym for Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System. A FRACAS is a closed-loop process for handling any type of failure, complaint, bug, incident, issue, problem, concern, etc. Essentially, all companies handle “issues” in some manner, even if it’s just one person answering a phone and responding to a customer. However, in most situations, you need a process in place for dealing with any type of incident that can arise so it can be tracked and “closed out.” The essence of FRACAS is to provide a systematic, organized process to ensure all issues are properly addressed and handled.

Relyence FRACAS provides a framework for you to manage your FRACAS process. For a quick start, follow through the Getting Started with Relyence FRACAS topic. For an overview of how to establish a FRACAS process, review Introduction to FRACAS. For an overview of the core features of Relyence FRACAS, see Relyence FRACAS Basics. When you are comfortable with the basics of Relyence FRACAS and want to explore the more advanced capabilities, refer to Relyence FRACAS Advanced Features.